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Creating a safe and successful space for your business to thrive.

When a client steps onto your premises, you deserve to feel confident that every inch of that space, both inside and out, reflects your true quality as a business.

From expertly designed lighting to hard-working, cost-efficient electrical systems, we intend to meet and exceed those high expectations.

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Whether you need immediate support or regular maintenance for your commercial or industrial space, our team can help.

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Smart Offices

Unlock the power of intelligent automation and convenience and take control of your office or commercial space.

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New premises

Building your business from the ground up? Create a space that caters to your exact lighting and power needs.

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Security systems

Protect your premises and keep staff safe round the clock with an intuitive external lighting system that supports your existing security facilities.

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Full rewires

Bring your business up to speed and replace outdated, non-compliant wiring with safe new electrical systems that are cost-efficient.

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Green solutions

What’s good for the planet is now great for your profits. Explore eco-friendly electrical solutions that could save your business money.

When you trust us with your business, we understand what’s at stake.

Knowledge – Integrity – Expertise

Your commercial or industrial premises is the beating heart of your business, so it’s no wonder we treat every project with the utmost care.

Through a responsive consultation process, we help you ensure your space is delivering the highest possible performance.

We’ll apply our experience, specialist equipment and energy throughout your project, whether you’re exploring how Smart Office technology can boost your business, or installing high spec, cost-efficient electrical solutions.

When you’re creating a safe, responsive space that’s attuned to you, you need an electrical service that’s personal.

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Imagine a space that responds to your every need

What if your office, shop floor, or studio was a responsive, personalised working space built for better business?

Smart Offices connect you with the space around you. Control lighting, temperature, sound, visuals, and security all from one interface. Boost staff performance with a more intuitive working environment or create a responsive, interactive commercial space for your customers.

Get the most from your business space with Control-4’s innovative automation technology.



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