High end holiday home kitchen and snooker room that has been rewired

Connecting you with the home of your dreams

When it comes to imagining your ideal home, an expertly installed wiring system is only the start. From lighting that enhances every corner of your space to incredible smart home innovation, we can help you bring the most important place in your world to life.

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Full rewires

Ensure your home is as safe as houses. Our expert team discreetly replace outdated wiring with new, safe and cost-efficient electrical systems.

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Smart Homes

Unlock the ultimate in tech innovation and get more from your home than you ever dreamed of – all from one swipe of your smartphone.

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New builds

Starting from scratch or considering an extension? Our team design bespoke electrical systems ideally suited to your lighting and tech needs.

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Exterior Lighting

Shed some light on the subject with expertly installed exterior lighting systems that combine security and convenience.

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Home cinema rooms

Reimagine the way you enjoy movies, TV, and sport with a space that’s wired for entertainment, from surround sound to reactive lighting.

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Green solutions

What’s good for the planet is now great for your monthly bill. Explore eco-friendly electrical solutions that could save you money in the long run.

When you entrust your home to us, we understand what’s at stake.

Knowledge – Integrity – Expertise

Your home is the most important place in the world, and that’s exactly how Penkhull Electrical treats it too.

Through a comprehensive consultation process, we help you dream up a home that exists in perfect harmony with you.  We’ll apply our experience, specialist equipment and energy throughout your project, whether you’re exploring how smart home technology can improve your quality of life, or installing cost-efficient, eco-friendly electrical solutions.

When you’re creating a safe, responsive space that’s attuned to you, you need an electrical service that’s personal. At Penkhull Electrical, we’re truly all about you.

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Imagine a home that responds to your every need

What if your home wasn’t just a place where you lived, but a responsive, personalised space that made your life easier?

We’re used to managing our online world through our phones. Smart Homes connect you with the space around you, allowing you to control your kingdom with a single swipe of a touchscreen.

Imagine a morning routine where the blinds lift just as your alarm sounds, the shower turns on ready for you to jump in, and your favourite wake-up track plays through the speakers.

With Control 4 Smart Homes, that’s just the start.



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