High-end kitchen appliances in a home kitted out with Control4

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How much of your world do you control through your smartphone?

From monitoring your energy usage to checking who’s at the door, many of us manage our living spaces through a virtual interface.

We want technology to sweat the small stuff so we don’t have to, but this gets lost in an ever-growing collection of apps and contradicting automation systems.

Functionality that truly simplifies and streamlines our lives is possible. In fact, it’s already arrived.

High end kitchen with the electrics, lighting and appliances installed by Penkhull Electrical

Welcome home, your way

Imagine coming home after a long day. You pull into your driveway, get to your front door, and step inside – and your home comes to life.

Lights switch on, your favourite radio station begins to play, and the temperature adjusts according to your comfort. All without you lifting a finger.

And if you did want to switch it up? Control almost every element of your space from a single, easy to use touchpoint.

Explore the possibilities of intuitive home automation

  • Create your new favourite way to come home, wake up or wind down with customisable ‘scenes’ bespoke to your needs.

  • Secure your home from miles away with smart lock technology, remote CCTV viewing, and responsive security systems.

  • Control your home’s lights, sights, sounds, temperature, security, and functionality from your Control4 smartpad or personal device.
  • Keep things simple and synchronise your automation with a single intelligent, interconnected system.
An iPad showing the Control4 app in a automated kitchen

Create your dream space with Control-4

Rely on certified Control-4 specialists with the electrical expertise to bring your vision to life

When you’re considered a Smart Home or Office solution, we want you to focus on your vision of the future while we handle the technical execution.

When you choose Penkhull Electrical to design, manage and install your Control4 Smart Space, you’re not just benefitting from our automation experience.

We are highly specialised experts in electrical services, which means your project will be completed to the highest standard with every technical detail taken of.

Build your dream Smart Home

Create a home that’s built precisely for you from the ground up. As Control4 system integrators, we help you define your automation needs and manage the entire process, from design to installation, for a result that’s bespoke to you.

Retrofit your home with intelligent tech

You don’t need to start from scratch to enjoy floor to ceiling automation. We consult on existing properties, applying our electrical expertise to retrofit your home with responsive, connected Control4 technology.

Switch on a new, responsive media centre

Transport yourself to another world with an immersive home cinema experience. Press play on superior surround sound, responsive lighting, and an environment you control with a single swipe of your smartphone.

When you’re creating an intelligent space that’s attuned to you, you need a service that’s personal. At Penkhull Electrical, we’re truly all about you.



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